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Aamster Laboratories is emerging Veterinary Pharmaceuticals company having its manufacturing unit at Rawat Islamabad and establishing marketing offices in all over the country. Besides, a network of dealers throughout the country act as sale point as well as after sale technical service centers. Aamster Laboratories operation strictly adhere to cGMP and cGLP regulations and guidelines and based on the aim of manufacture and delivering the unmatched innovative, value added high quality veterinary products of international standards. Customer satisfaction in our products is a matter of pride for us. This is because our products are tailored to their needs and are known for their consistently high quality, meeting client expectations. That is why we are ranked amongst the leading Veterinary Pharmaceutical manufacturers. Pharmaceuticals develops research based pharmaceutical products. Aamster Laboratories highly skilled and scientifically qualified personnel manufacture a wide variety of pharmaceutical products, including vaccines,  oral liquids, suspensions and dry powder preparations. The company envisions growth and partnerships that stretch across the globe. An infrastructure of global standards, a concatenate R&D team, technological advancements, long-lasting customer relationships and a mindset geared towards growth are the key ingredients that are bound to make the company a success in the future as well.


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Latest Manufacturing Facilities

Our manufacturing facility boasts enhanced production capacities for, Liquid (Oral) Medicines, Coated , Tablets, Capsules, dry suspension injection and Powder oral sachet various categories. The manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest technology including automated and dedicated process control systems, computerized HVAC/dust control mechanism, computerized Building Management System (BMS) and, process–water and waste–water management systems providing with a ready compliance to cGMP, ISO 9001:2000(E) and ISO 14001. Delegates from Europe and the US have visited and admired the quality standards maintained at our’s production facilities. This has led us to formalize transnational relationships and enhance our strategic partnerships

Quality Assurance

In conjunction with the spirit and the standards of cGMP, every stage of production, beginning from supplier evaluation, purchasing management , receiving inspection, manufacturing and packaging, storage of the finished product at the ware house transportation and even customer complaints response and recall systems are controlled by a set of quality management standards.

As for equipment and facilities at the plant, comprehensive verifications and validations are routinely performed along with standard maintenance controls. Retrospective evaluating and revising on the performance and requirements of the system are also regularly carried out in order to ensure the consistent quality of every batch of medication.

Research & Development

Aamster Laboratories has developed one of the most progressed and sensitive R&D facility in the country. The core strength of our team is our foresightedness that enables us to come up with the desired product at the apposite time. The in-depth knowledge of the industry, science and the technology help us develop new and effective products for the most pernicious diseases. We have on our R&D team scientists with vast knowledge base. To keep up with the pace of today’s fast growing pharmaceutical industry, the R&D team regularly participates in technical programs and seminars so that they are better able to tackle new challenges and help develop better products. To facilitate the R&D team, Aamster Laboratories laboratory is designed and equipped to meet international standards. The R&D team is working on developing multi-therapeutic products pipeline. We are committed to thrive and bring forth new products which will help us in serving the humanity in a more effective way. With a dedicated R&D team and facilities of international standards, we believe that together we will be able to meet the challenges and continue our drive towards progress

Training & Development

Training is a program that helps employees learn specific knowledge or skills to improve performance in their current roles. Development is more expansive and focuses on employee growth and future performance, rather than an immediate job role.

Business Partnerships

We always look to create new business opportunities with reliable collaborators and strengthened our portfolio in both existing and new Business Markets

Global Presence

We want to serve our industry not only in Pakistan but world wide, in this regard we are striving hard to show our presence in Middle East, Afghanistan and Subcontinent

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